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Wed Oct 30th, 2013
Sun Oct 6th, 2013

ScottishBitch releases a date for “Recipes For Narcolepsy”




I probably won’t talk about sports if that means anything to anyone.” Say’s the 22 year old blogger. She’s been around for years, and is known for her vindictiveness as for her immediate challenges towards other bloggers. Dare we call her…. a bitch?

Now the blogger sits on over thousands of followers waiting for her next move.

Podcast. I figured I’d come back, and I’d come back with a podcast. Mainly me rambling- Which I’m sure will be fun. I love listening to myself. I love myself a lot. So, I’m sure it’ll be roaring.

The podcast season titled; Recipes For Narcolepsy has been rumored to include various special guest throughout the season. Most of the podcast has been set to review different comics, series, movies, and geekery. Considering her base fandom was off of Doctor Who, she’ll be staying ‘close to home’ and venturing out into the dark depths they call, the internet. Her partners or ‘minions' (as she called them) have not been announced. And yes, this post has been tagged with the rumored related content! How exciting.

The release date of the show has been set to early November. 

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Tue Mar 5th, 2013

Can you do some Nine/Jack? With no Rose, just the two boys.

I can try and find some later on the day. But of anyone would love to submit; door are ALWAYS open.

Wed Feb 20th, 2013

The Tenth Doctor gives in

The fight had been grueling, the running tiring, and they were ecstatic. The end of another adventure, and they could go to their rooms and rest. She took a shower and sat for a while in the armchair to let her hair dry, reading a book, and she dozed off. When the tenth doctor came in to ask if she wanted a cup of tea and saw her sleeping, he walked over to her, lifted her gently in his arms and laid her on her bed. He bent to kiss her forehead, and found himself trapped in her arms when she twined her fingers into his hair and kissed him passionately. He tried to draw away, but she held on, wrapping her legs around his waist to keep him there. When she grabbed his hand and put it on her breast, despite himself he joined her on the bed, her hands busy undoing buttons and doing other, naughty things to him. He thrust his large member into her tight, hot wetness and wondered why they hadn’t done this before; and as they sweated and thrust and moaned, she couldn’t believe he’d finally given in, that he was inside her, the incredible heat of him, and then she began to shudder, clamping herself around him in waves of pleasure and crying out with the power of it, feeling the hot rush of his release deep within her as he shouted his climax into her shoulder. They lay there, panting, and she looked into his eyes and saw that she had done a good thing, that he’d needed the distraction, and she also saw that they could do it again as often as she liked. Now that had been a good day.

Sun Sep 16th, 2012

Life With The Ponds

Rory knew he was awake. He was blushing too damn hard to be asleep.

“Oooooh the way he tastes right before he comes, ah but you know that taste too, don’t you Amy, my dirty little girl? But no matter what I did to him, no matter what he did to me he never tasted better than when he was still warm from you, still wet from you, still covered in your come…”

“Maybe we should get him inside, yeah?” Amy asked her husband quietly, looking around the yard, watching out for neighbors. Rory opened his mouth to say something but nothing really came out.

“Rory!” The Doctor said, turning his head suddenly and aiming those wildly rolling eyes in Rory’s direction. “Rory the Roman! Mr. Pond!! Oh, how I missed you Rory! Every time I refabricated a time-infindibulator, every time I found a new museum with white walls, oh I missed you, Rory. I missed the taste of you, the weight of your cock on my tongue, the feel of you pressing into the back of my throat……ouch……”

That last was the sound of a person who was, in fact, far too damaged to be moved being moved, and speedily by the nurse who knew better, the nurse who suddenly found it *very* urgent to get this babbling, injured man inside.
“Rory?” Amy asked as her husband carried the limp form of the Doctor up the stairs with some difficulty. “He’s hallucinating, yeah? Is that why he’s talking…..I mean……I mean you didn’t, you two never……”

“You mean, did he ever go down on me while I was still wet from your come? NO, Amy. He’s talking nonsense. I don’t know if he’s hallucinating or…..”

“Or what?” Amy said, following them into the spare bedroom. But then they got busy taking off his shoes and ragged clothes and, finding many bloodless but gaping wounds, set about bandaging him up.

And that was a good thing, because Rory never got to finish his thought.

That the good Doctor might not be hallucinating.

That the Doctor, being a time traveler, might just be reminiscing about things that had actually happened, but speaking to the wrong people.

That the Time Lord, too damaged to land his Time-ship properly, was simply reminiscing about things that hadn’t happened yet…..?

Sat Sep 15th, 2012

Guys, we really need to get this page back up and running :/

Wed Dec 21st, 2011

do you have any Doctor/Donna fan fiction?

We do need some submitted don’t we? 

Fri Nov 11th, 2011

The Bluest Blue



by naamahspupil

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Sat Oct 8th, 2011


Doctor Who. Doctor-Master by ~Alex-JD-Black


Doctor Who. Doctor-Master by ~Alex-JD-Black

Sun Jul 24th, 2011

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